The Chelsea Foyer at The Christopher

Based on a highly successful European model, and integrated with Good Shepherd's signature strength-based youth development practices, the Chelsea Foyer provides 40 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 who are aging out of foster care, homeless, or at-risk of homelessness with supported transitional housing in a co-ed setting.  Residents participate in a personalized program of services for up to 24 months with the goal of preparing them for independent permanent housing, employment, and careers. Unlike other transitional housing programs, Foyer residents are taught and encouraged to become completely self sufficient, pursuing jobs with benefits to avoid the need for public assistance.


The Chelsea Foyer is truly unique.  Though there are many Foyers in the United Kingdom and France, there are just a handful of international programs, and only two Foyer programs in the United States.  The Chelsea Foyer is the first to be fully accredited by the Foyer Federation in the US and has been praised for its innovative focus on working with young people aging out of foster care.

"My two years at the Foyer have been a blessing and have shown me a lot about becoming a better person, better father, and better role model."

Sam, Former Foyer Resident



Every day in New York City, there are an estimated 20,000 – 40,000 homeless young people living on the street, in shelters, or staying temporarily with friends or family members.  Thirty percent of them were once part of the foster care system, discharged from care with no one to look to for emotional or financial support and unprepared for the challenges of independent living.


A Model That Works

Learn more about the Foyer model and how Good Shepherd helps at-risk young people learn how to live independently.  more


The Chelsea Foyer is a partnership between Good Shepherd Services and the Common Ground Community.  The program is located within the Christopher Residence, an adult supportive housing program owned and operated by Common Ground.  Common Ground, with its extensive expertise in housing and community development, provides facility management and building-wide security for the Christopher while Good Shepherd has overall responsibility for the Foyer program and provides all on-site support services to the residents.


International Endorsement

The Chelsea Foyer was approved by the United Kingdom Foyer Federation as an endorsed international overseas Foyer project.  We are the first foyer in the United States to be endorsed in this way, a testament to the strength of our program.


How to Apply

Young people, are you aging-out of foster care and not sure how to live on your own?  Homeless or at-risk for homelessness?  Click here to find out how you can apply to be part of the community at the Chelsea Foyer.


Potential Employers

Are you looking for motivated, qualified, and enthusiastic young people to fill positions?  Click here for more information on the Workforce Development program at the Chelsea Foyer.  We may have the perfect applicant for you!


Who We Help

Too many NYC young people are on their own, unprepared for adulthood and without anyone to look to for support.

Chelsea Foyer and Reciprocity Foundation Partnership



Great video on our partnership with the Reciprocity Foundation, which started in 2013 in to create new, innovative and healing programs for our residents. Watch by clicking here or the image above.

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