Transfer Schools

Join us in our efforts to help overage, under-credited youth to earn a high school diploma and transform their lives.  Good Shepherd is a learning organization dedicated to the professional development of staff at all levels and offers a variety of opportunities for professional challenge and achievement.  Our exceptional training program combines quality workshops with closely supervised on-the-job coaching.  Our leadership is fully committed to staff development and strongly encourages open dialogue, which includes cross-divisional workgroups with participation from staff at all levels.

Join Our Team!


To learn more about employment opportunities at one of Good Shepherd’s transfer high schools and the benefits we offer, or to apply online, please click here.   Your browser will open a new page for our Human Resources database.


"This school is one of the only reasons why I truly finished.  From the teachers to the counselors, they stood by my side and told me that I could do it."     


- Melanie, SBCHS Graduate

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