Transfer Schools

In New York City, there are nearly 140,000 young people who have dropped out or are significantly off-track for graduation.  Good Shepherd Services’ transfer high schools offer these young people a second chance to complete their educations.  Based on more than 25 years of work with this population, our nationally recognized transfer high school model integrates the youth development practices and expertise of Good Shepherd within a rigorous, standards-based instructional setting.  Operated in seamless collaboration with the New York City Department of Education (DOE), we offer a full-day, year-round academic program in a small school setting of between 150 and 200 students.  The result is a highly personalized school environment where each student is known, respected, and supported.

Providing young people with a second chance to earn a diploma and enough support to keep the momentum for positive change going and growing.

A Model That Works

Learn more about Good Shepherd Services successful Transfer High School Model, first pioneered at South Brooklyn Community High School in Red Hook, Brooklyn. more

Our Replication Strategy

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GSS has created two additional transfer schools and is helping other community-based organizations to open schools based on our successful model.


Our Schools

Learn more about Good Shepherd’s three transfer high schools.


Attend One of our Schools

Are you a student who has dropped out or fallen behind?  Click here to find out how to become a student at one of Good Shepherd’s transfer high schools.



Find out more about how our transfer schools and how we developed our successful transfer school model.



Make a difference in the lives of our young people.  Our schools are hiring talented, motivated teachers and counselors.


Good Shepherd Transfer Schools

1 South Brooklyn Community High School  more


2 West Brooklyn Community High School  more

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