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Initiated in 1976, the Safe Homes Project (SHP) is a community-based domestic violence advocacy and service program which provides a hotline, counseling, safety-planning and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence and runs a 20-bed shelter.  SHP also provides education and training about domestic and intimate partner violence to professional and community groups throughout New York, works to improve laws and policies affecting survivors, and provides targeted services for special populations, including Spanish-speakers, youth, and LGBTQ survivors of partner violence.  The Safe Homes Project is committed to working to eradicate domestic and partner violence and to providing the support, information, and advocacy needed for individuals and communities to live safely. 

…Until All Homes are Safe Homes



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SHP LGBTQ Shelter Inclusion

SHP has been working to make our program affirming, welcoming, and culturally competent when serving diverse LGBTQ survivors. Recently, our shelter, Poetry House, having engaged in a process of learning and training with NYC Anti-Violence Project became more fully inclusive. In addition to serving people of all racial, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as survivors with differing language and ability needs, we serve all sexual orientations, and gender identities, including survivors that may be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. SHP is proud to continue as a member of the New York State LGBTQ Domestic Violence Network.

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Survivor Stories

Read poetry written by survivors of domestic violence.  more

SHP at the Brooklyn Family Justice Center


SHP continues as an onsite partner at the Family Justice Center where we meet with survivors for counseling, advocacy, referral, and support groups in English and Spanish. SHP also partners with FJC on the Early Victim's Engagement (EVE) Project, where a dedicated caseworker reaches out to survivors who's cases involve a high level of risk and who are in need of increased safety planning and criminal justice advocacy. All of our services: individual counseling, support groups, legal and other forms of advocacy and referral continue as well at our home office, which can be reached by calling our hotline: 718-499-2151.

Working with Youth

Day One, an organization that assists youth with learning about and combating relationship and dating violence, held four workshops for young people whose mothers have been participants at the Safe Homes Project.  The workshops included warning signs of abuse, different types of abuse, and how to help a friend that may be at risk. Interactive activities also explored messages about gender, discussed consent and coercion, and helped youth to define healthy boundaries and communication in their relationships.  See the links page for more information about Day One.

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What is Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence?

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence is a pattern of behaviors and tactics used by one person in an intimate relationship to maintain control and power over his/her partner.  These tactics may be verbally, emotionally, sexually, financially, and/or physically harmful and coercive.  Abusers will often become more dangerous and controlling over time.  Some survivors fight back physically, some do not, but all survivors do things to try and stay safe. 

No one ever deserves to be abused.

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