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Family Support Programs

After more than a century of experience working with youth in residential care, Good Shepherd recognized the need to provide services and supports to vulnerable families within their own communities to avert the need for out-of-home care.  We pioneered this new approach in 1972 with the establishment of our Family Reception Center in Park Slope, Brooklyn – one of the City’s first community-based neighborhood service centers.  Over the years, as we have developed other programs in South Brooklyn and other communities to address neighborhood needs and concerns, our counseling and family support activities have remained fundamental to our continuum of services.

Family Reception Center (FRC)

Our first preventive services program in South Brooklyn, the Family Reception Center provides family, group, and individual counseling, advocacy, and referral to other services to avert the need for foster care placement and prevent incidences of child abuse and neglect. 

Red Hook Community Center Family Counseling Services

Provides individual, family and group counseling in conjunction with activities at the Red Hook Community Center Beacon at PS 15 to avert the need for foster care placement. 


Provides intensive casework services including home-based, individual, family, and group counseling to families that have experienced difficulty with an addictive substance to avert the need for entry or re-entry into foster care.

Single Stop Service Centers

We have three comprehensive service centers where individuals and families can come in on a walk-in basis and receive assistance accessing public benefits for which they are eligible.  Services also include legal counseling, financial planning assistance, and referrals to other community-based organizations where participants can receive additional services if needed.

Disaster Case Management

Operated in collaboration with New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Office of Emergency Management and funded by FEMA, this program provides disaster relief to those who are still struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy and assists families in finding the resources they need to become self-sufficient.  

Geographical Overview:


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Program Locations

Family Reception Center

441 Fourth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215



Red Hook Community Center Family Counseling Services

173 Conover Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231



Disaster Case ManagementPS 1571 Sullivan StreetBrooklyn, NY 11231(718) 346-2200



503 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11215

718-965-3313, ext. 414 or ext. 415


Single Stop Service Centers

503 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11215

718-965-3313, ext. 409

595 Sutter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207


Brooklyn Veteran's Administration

40 Flatbush Avenue, 8th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201


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