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Cheers to New Horizons

On Thursday, June 3rd , Gotham Project, in partnership with the Common Ground Community Junior Advisory Council (JAC), hosted its second annual cruise, which benefited Good Shepherd Services.  Gotham Project is a group of young professionals who are taking a proactive role in improving the community through organizing fundraising events to benefit a cause or organization. Approximately 200 people attended the cruise, which raised $8,500 to support two different initiatives here at Good Shepherd Services.


One of the programs, which benefited from this fundraiser, is the Horizons Unlimited After School Program, which sent 30 students from the Brooklyn School for Global Studies and the International School to Ramapo Anchorage Camp for an overnight trip.  At Ramapo, the teens participated in numerous activities, which helped them to identify the qualities needed to work effectively as a group - listening, focus, cooperation, respect, and trust. They also learned how those qualities strengthen the individual group members.  For many of these vulnerable teens this was their first camping experience and a rare opportunity for them to let their guard down, relax, and have fun.


Proceeds from the Gotham Project cruise will also benefit the independent living program of St. Helena's long-term residential program. St. Helena's goal is to help young women overcome past challenges through group and individual therapy along with helping them to develop the coping skills needed to ensure a promising future.  St. Helena's also provides an opportunity for these young women to expand their horizons and experience some of the pleasures we tend to take for granted by taking them on an annual vacation. The young women choose a city to visit and conduct all the research needed for the trip. This year, thanks to out friends at Gotham Project, their destination will be Ocean City, Maryland.  For many of our young women it will be their first vacation experience and their first time traveling outside of New York City.


We would like to thank the Gotham Project for all their hard work in coordinating this cruise, and most importantly for choosing Good Shepherd Services as a beneficiary of their annual event!


June 10, 2004

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