10 Easy Ways to Help

Do you want to help Good Shepherd create better futures for thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers?  Below are ten easy ways that you could join us in achieving our mission to provide all of our program participants with a safe path to self-sufficiency.

10 Easy Ways to do Good Work with Good Shepherd

1.  Stay Informed About our Work
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2.  Join our Gift Drive
New, age-appropriate toys, books and other gifts are needed year-round for children and youth ages 0-21. Our need is greatest during the holiday season. Organize a toy drive in your workplace - we’ll tell you how.


3.  Become a Mentor
Serve as a role model and friend for one of the young people in our foster boarding home program or community group residences.  Click here for more information on the mentoring program.


4.  Provide Job Readiness Experiences or Internships
Help our young people gain much-needed exposure to the world-of-work. Arrange for them to shadow you or a colleague for a day to learn about specific jobs. Volunteer at one of our programs to share information about your career and insights into the world-of-work. Host a job readiness or financial literacy workshop at your workplace. Let us know about any internships and volunteer opportunities in your company to help our adolescents develop job readiness skills.


5.  Organize a Team Volunteer Project
Work on a one-time only project or volunteer on a more frequent basis to improve the lives of our youth. Opportunities include: participating in back-to-school and school year holiday parties and events (e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner, Valentine’s Day); hosting summer carnivals for youth; bringing a group of young people to a museum, ball game, show, circus or bowling; participating in an outdoor experiential day with them; or, less frequently, building and neighborhood improvement projects such as painting or gardening.


6.  Support Recreational and Cultural Enrichment Activities
Contribute tickets or funds to allow our youth to enjoy activities that we take for granted that are currently beyond their reach such as tickets to go to a basketball, hockey or baseball game; trips to museums, theater, and New York City landmarks; weekend retreats and summer vacations.


7.  Help our Young People Apply to College
Help to fund participation of our young people in a week-end College Writing Retreat where they will gain support in writing their college essay. Fund SAT fees and college application fees.


8.  Provide Educational Scholarships
Help support the costs of educating young people whose needs cannot be met in a traditional public school setting and help us assist young people who age out of foster care yet still need resources to complete their college degrees.


9.  Support Special Events for Good Shepherd
Contribute in various ways to one of our established events: the Annual Benefit, our major fundraiser in the fall, or the Golf Classic and the Wall Street Challenge, our two golf outings in the spring. Or, sponsor your own special event, such as a wine and cheese reception, to benefit Good Shepherd Services.


10.  Support our Annual Fund
Help us sustain our tradition of innovation in addressing the needs of our children, youth and families. By giving an unrestricted gift to Good Shepherd’s Annual Fund you will enable us to direct your money where it can be most beneficial.


For more information about these and other ways to help, please contact the Director of Development at 212-243-7070, ext. 302 or via email at

Our Partnership with Party for Humanity

Party for Humanity, Inc. is a non-profit organization that lets you celebrate for a cause.  If you would like to host a party and have your guests contribute to Good Shepherd Services, please click here.

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