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Good Shepherd Services is a leading youth development, education and family service agency with more than 80 programs that serve over 26,000 children, youth and families each year. We give vulnerable youth in New York City the opportunity to take ownership of their future, making a difference today and for the next generation.


Focusing on high-need communities in Brooklyn and the Bronx, we provide a broad array of individual, family and school-based services to prevent youth from becoming disconnected from family, school and society. We also help those who come to us already disengaged find hope and motivation to reconnect with their community. When young people cannot stay in their families, we continue to provide a safety net of superior quality foster care and residential programs, as we have since 1857.


Good Shepherd's programs succeed because of the unique way in which we work:

  • We have a profound belief in the strengths inherent in youth and the ability of individuals and families to transform themselves.
  • We surround youth and families with the services and supports they need.
  • We employ a rigorous business approach that stresses partnerships and makes the very most of both public and private resources.

The People We Help

Too many young people are reaching adulthood unprepared, with little hope and capacity for long-term success.

Young people growing up in high-poverty New York City communities confront tough odds in their journey to independence.  They most likely attend overcrowded public schools where far more students fail than pass.  Many lack strong family supports and may have experienced abuse, and emotional or physical neglect. They live in neighborhoods stressed by poverty, substance abuse, violence, and criminal behavior.  more


We Know Young People Have What it Takes to Succeed

Many of the young people with whom we work have already given up on themselves.  They have heard all about what they are doing wrong, and almost nothing about what they are doing right. 


At Good Shepherd we have a profound belief in the strength of every individual.  We help each young person we work with identify and build on his or her inherent abilities.   more

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“There is a future and I have to try and do something with it.” more

Our History

Highlights from Our Timeline of Services



First residential program opens.



The agency incorporates.



First Brooklyn program opens.



Foster care and adoption added to continuum of services.



GSS assumes entire network of programs in the Bronx.


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